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Cooper landing's

ultimate Hideaway

Just Bears Vacation Rentals offers secluded, family-friendly stays amidst 30 wooded acres in Cooper Landing, AK. Here, tranquility meets wilderness — your gateway to Kenai’s natural splendors.

Relax at

The Big House

Indulge in expansive elegance and mountain tranquility, where every window frames Alaska's grandeur.

Get Cozy in

The Cabin

Discover the cozy heartbeat of Cooper Landing, nestled between majestic views and Alaskan wilderness.

Escape to

The Cub House

Retreat to comfort with a view, in a space where adventure meets peaceful solitude.



Bring your RV and live out your camping adventure.

Discover why


Remote Serenity

Each rental is a secluded haven, offering peace in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.


Step into a world of fishing, hiking, and kayaking, and breathtaking views just outside your door.


Immerse in genuine Alaskan culture with easy access to Cooper Landing's best diners and shops.



Each unique retreat at Just Bears — The Big House, The Cabin, and The Cub House — offers a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. Nestled in the heart of Cooper Landing, our accommodations are designed to be your personal haven in the Alaskan wild, where the comforts of home meet the thrill of the outdoors.

At Just Bears Vacation Rentals, we are committed to delivering an exceptional escape into the Alaskan wilderness. Catering to a diverse array of guests, we ensure that whether you're here for the world-class trout and salmon fishing, a romantic retreat, or a family adventure exploring Cooper Landing's natural wonders, your stay with us is nothing short of remarkable.

Cooper Landing


Step outside your door at Just Bears and into a world of Alaskan adventure. From the world-class fishing of the Kenai River to the breathtaking trails leading to majestic waterfalls, and the scenic drives to Seward or Homer, every day is an opportunity for a new discovery.

Adjacent to Kenai Lake, our rentals offer easy access to picnic spots and pristine swimming locales. Bring your boat, or rent one locally, to navigate the crystal waters or kayak in serenity. Anglers, ready your reels for the catch of the day, right from our own backyard. Our setting is designed for your engagement, offering a seamless blend of leisure and the lure of the wild.

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